This interactive resource offers a safe and non-judgmental environment for youth, parents and facilitators to explore the personal and social environments of mental health. Our goal is to demystify the processes of seeking and providing help for mental health issues so that users are encouraged to take educated steps towards seeking help for themselves and others who are struggling.

Available on desktop, tablet and smartphone, The LANTERN resource is presented as an interactive story with a series of scenes, each with their own scenarios, characters and choices. Through this choose-your own adventure-style story, viewers decide what course of action, if any, the lead character, JOE, will take. Outcomes unfold into different paths, some with new obstacles, but always with opportunities for empowerment through information and ways to seek help.
In this virtual world, users are given a safe and private place to experience events that are daunting for them in the physical world. These include such events as a first visit to a psychiatrist, appointments with doctors, psychologists, group support meetings and often confusing events such as seeking disability services at a university.

Deftly crafted stories, beautiful photographs, video and illustrations along with a rich soundtrack featuring contemporary Canadian artists combine to offer a rich, multilayered and respectful immersive experience for users.

The resource is produced by Mind Festival Learning, creators of the youth awareness resource MikeandVicki.ca, “an interactive story about drugs, alcohol and making choices you can live with.” Mike and Vicki is currently used across Canada by the R.C.M.P. as a facilitation tool in classrooms and is currently being integrated into planning and psychology classes in grade 7-12 classrooms throughout British Columbia. Dan Reist, from the Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia called it “Impressive…multilayered..and the best tool of it’s kind”.