Matia Theodosakis (Director) has bipolar disorder, and has navigated the Vancouver mental health system for nearly five years. In this time she has bonded with otheryoung people with mental illness, and has observed a need for more honest information regarding the options available to them. Matia’s background is in photography, which she has worked in for nearly a decade, and she was able to utilize these skills in direction, staging and editing on the Mike and Vicki project. Matia is currently pursuing a degree in Archaeology at SFU.

“I am dedicated to helping bring empowerment to others suffering with mental illness through knowledge and story.”

Linda Theodosakis (Writer) worked as a screen and television writer for 15 years. She was a semi finalist in the Nichol screenwriting competition for her screenplay LUCY, writer of the Genie nominated short film THE DATE, writer and creator developing the series MUD for CTV, and co-writer/producer of the interactive, choose-your-own-story: MIKE & VICKI . A drug and alcohol resource created for the RCMP and Interior Health.

“I am deeply moved by the needs of our youth, young adults and adults suffering with mental illness. I witnessed the cost that an undiagnosed mental illness of my father had on me and my family as I grew up and the struggle my brother had with depression for most of his youth and adult life before he committed suicide at 34 years. I was helpless as I watched my beautiful, sensitive and intelligent daughter struggle for five years looking for help with her depression until she was finally diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and began the work of finding balance with medication and life style.

Nikos Theodosakis (Producer) has a passion for using story as a tool for learning. His book The Director in the Classroom:How Filmmaking Inspires Learning is used as a teachers training guide in universities around the world to invite educators to use media as a tool for engaging learners into their virtual and non virtual worlds. Nikos has been involved with numerous television and film productions including THE DATE as director and producer and AMERICAN BOYFRIENDS and SHEGALLA as Associate Producer. Nikos produced Mike and Vicki and supervised the production and post production of this drug and alcohol awareness resource.

“In my experience working with youth through filmmaking around the world, I can see how important it is that informational and instructional media for youth must move from a passive model to a model built around interaction and choice. To use story in an engaging interactive manner to save lives is the direction my life will take from here on in.”